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Selling a Home

I am always available to do a complimentary selling consultation. I am also willing to come check out your space to help give direction on how we can update, refresh, and declutter your space to get it ready to hit the market!

There are important strategies that go into selling a property for top dollar. I will assess your home and come up with a unique plan to execute our goal of selling your property as fast as we can, with the best terms, and for the most money possible. I work for you, and I don’t get paid until you do!

Preparing the exterior of your home

  1. Consider curb appeal, whats the first impression?
  2. Assess your yard and clear clutter, pull weeds, and trim bushes
  3. Fresh coat of paint on front door
  4. Be sure your entry way light is in working order and clean
  5. Replace entry rug with a new one that has a simple color or design
  6. Be sure your address numbers are clear and easy to see
  7. Do exterior touch-up painting
  8. Clear garage clutter to let potential buyers see the size and storage possibilities

Preparing the interior of your home

  1. Be sure all light bulbs are in working order. Replace any burnt out lights. You want your home to look as light and bright as possible!
  2. Look around and declutter. Take away things that you would find to be distracting if you were a potential buyer
  3. Clean all flooring- shampoo carpets, clean grout in tile flooring, etc
  4. Wash baseboards
  5. Do interior touch up painting
  6. Seal cracks around tubs and faucets
  7. Clean bathrooms, including mirrors
  8. Replace shower curtain
  9. Get new fresh towels for the bathroom
  10. Declutter your closet
  11. Make your bed every day, you never know when someone will want to come see the property!

Some additional things to consider:

  • Modern touches like smart thermostats, energy efficient upgrades, and updated appliances will be appealing to a wide variety of purchasers
  • Repaint walls and/or cabinets with something neutral to draw a larger range of potential buyers
  • If you can reasonably arrange your home to look like it’s a staged property, that will appeal to the broadest audience across the board and allow us to obtain the highest offers, and in the end, net you more money!
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